Summary of Book

This is the story of an eleven-year-old boy, Marty, who finds a stray beagle, Shiloh, in the West Virginia hills near his house. Marty learns that Shiloh belongs to a local man named Judd Travers who abuses his hunting dogs. Marty does not want to return Shiloh to Judd Travers, so he tries to conceal him and care for him in the woods near his home. After a German shepherd attacks Shiloh, Marty’s family discovers Shiloh and makes Marty return him to Judd. Marty then arranges to work for Judd Travers in exchange for Shiloh.

Sample Problems
  • Shiloh is not safe in the pen Marty has built for him in the woods
  • Marty wants to keep Shiloh’s pen in the woods a secret
  • Marty has to do difficult manual labor for Judd
Sample Solutions
  • Small scale models of dog pens to protect Shiloh and keep him secret
  • Simple machines for Marty to build a dog pen or to do hard work for Judd

The Relatives Came

Summary of Book

Summertime came and so did the relatives from Virginia. They packed up their car and drove all day and night to visit with family. When the relatives came, the house was bursting at the seams! They ate in shifts, and when bedtime came there were people sleeping everywhere—squeezed into beds and spread out all over the floor! The relatives stayed for weeks and weeks, and after helping tend the garden and fix broken things, they packed up their  car and headed back to Virginia.

Sample Problems
  • There aren’t enough beds for everyone to sleep on
  • There isn’t enough room for everyone to eat together
  • Cookies fall off of the table
  • Suitcases fall off
Sample Solutions
  • Bunk beds to fit more relatives
  • Large table to fit all of the relatives