Challenges Overview

We Challenge YOU!


Teachers, Librarians, After-School Programs, Summer Camp Specialists, anyone interested in Engineering and Literacy – and anyone who has a curious and creative group of students under their wing.


There are THREE Novel Engineering Challenges for you and your group of students to take on! 


Worldwide, on the internet! Take on the challenge, post your students’ work, and see what other classrooms from all over the world come up with!  Information for the current challenge can be found HERE


April 1 – June 9: Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! – Challenge ENDED. See submissions HERE!

June 12 – August 11: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing – Challenge ENDED. See submissions HERE!

October 1 – December 1: Poppy  or Weslandia– Challenge ENDED. See submissions HERE!

Februart 1– March 30: Shiloh or The Relatives Came


Check out the step-by-step Novel Engineering Guide HERE to see how to integrate Engineering and Literacy into YOUR classroom.